Collections – My Vintage Chocolate Box Collection

It’s no lie that I have a sweet tooth and a huge love for all things vintage. Old candy boxes bring these two worlds together. I remember my best friend growing up Sandy C, her mom decorated the basement playroom with a few heart-shaped chocolate boxes she got for Valentine’s Day. They were hung up and used as wall art and I remember how much I loved that she did that. She elevated that box to more than just a vehicle to deliver candy. She turned them into wall art and I thought they were absolutely worthy. Truth is I often find that the packaging is more magical than the item inside.


I'm a sucker for a box pleat ribbon.
80's heart shaped valentine box
close up of vintage chocolate boxes

Ornately decorated heart-shaped boxes are my favorite, but I also collect tins and beautiful cardboard boxes. Candy and chocolate were initially sold by weight and were often just wrapped in simple paper. At some point in the early 1900s, packaging became more important. It started as a way to protect the candy but it was also a way to advertise the candy company.


vintage chocolate box

These are a few pieces from my small collection. My favorites are the heart-shaped chocolate boxes of the ’70s and ’80s. But a simple and beautiful box like the Thurston &  Johnson is just as beautiful to me.  I don’t keep them out all year as my neighbor did. I use these boxes yearly for my small Valentine’s Day vignette.

paper chocolate box
thurston & Johnson
schrafft's chocolate tin close up label
vintage metal chocolate box
Linette Reading PA

Candy boxes are one of the things that are always in the back of my mind when I’m out-picking. It’s not a popular collectible and it’s also a very fragile collectible so it’s taken me 15 years to amass this small collection I have. It’s taken me this long because I prefer to find these out in the wild, and by wild, I mean estate sales, yard sales, and flea markets. I know I can buy them on eBay (for a lot of money), but the search is a huge part of collecting.
I know that it’s what is on the inside that is most important but not in this case.


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Pronouncing The Name – Vintage Bu-Te

Vin·tuhj - b·uu·tee

 Oh, that’s how you pronounce your name, is what I usually hear when I explain how to say the name of my company. It almost always needs an explanation. I thought it was pretty straightforward, but changing how a common word is spelled throws the human brain for a loop.

I wasn’t trying to be creative with the spelling of beauty. The truth was Vintagebeauty.com was already taken. I’m sure I could have bought it for a price, but I wasn’t willing to do that.

I am always a little self-conscious when I have to explain the name, but I love the name. It embodies what my company/brand stands for, which is showcasing, highlighting, and celebrating the past’s beauty.


If someone asked you what google was in 1990, you would be dumbfounded and probably struggled to pronounce it. Look at it now. What is life without Google?

I love vintage/antiques, not because I think old things are better. Amazing things are being designed and made today. I am fully present, and I am grateful to be alive today. I love all of life’s modern conveniences.

What I don’t like is the throwaway culture of today—the dollar store mentality. Nothing brings warmth to a space like a beautiful vintage handmade rug; I appreciate the craftsmanship and the design, whether the item was created in 1875 or 2020. There is room for both.


Truth be told, true beauty stands the test of time. 

You may need to frame it differently, but a beautiful piece of cut glass from the ’20s is just beautiful today.

If I do my job correctly, Vintage Bu-Te Antiques will one day not need an explanation.

So here’s to a future where the name Vintage Bu-Te no longer needs clarification.

I would love to invite you to visit my booth. I have one booth now located at the Cambridge Antique Market, located on the main level, booth #22. I hope you can find some time to come out and visit real soon. There are so many treasures to be found there. Not just in my booth but the entire building. It’s five floors of fantastic dealers and unique treasures!

See you soon!

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