Forcing amaryllis Bulbs inside – Amaryllis love in full bloom

There have been a few good things that have come out of the Covid pandemic.  It has forced us, specifically me, to slow down.   As a wife, mother of 3, part-time marketing and manager, and small business owner, I am always super busy.  Covid has changed all of that significantly, and while I am still busy, I find myself with more time to do what has been on my to-do list forever.

On that list was to force amaryllis in the winter, and I finally did it after a little YouTube inspiration.  Two channels I especially love are Garden Answer and The Impatient Gardner. They have fantastic tips and information if you are looking to grow amaryllis yourself.  I had no idea how many varieties there were, and they are all just so glorious

Being in the antique business, I always come across unique pieces that can be used planters. I was eager to use some of these pieces to grow these beautiful flowers.    

I recently purchased this large vintage brass bowl (I’ve been a little obsessed with brass lately) at an estate sale.  It measures 14″ in diameter and is 6″ high.  Initially, I had no idea what I would use it for, but I loved the size and the patina.  Amaryllis were fresh on my mind after watch Laura from Garden Answers and was happy to find some on clearance at my local Walmart.  I thought they would look amazing in the vintage brass bowl and they did not disappoint.

Timing is everything when planting these bulbs.  It would be best if you planted them in October for December Bloom.   I did not stick to that timeline and planted some in mid November and a couple in early December.  It all worked out because then I have staggered bloom time.

I’m so happy with them. It’s been gratifying to grow these beautiful flowers, especially to pair them with beautiful pots and planters.

Now the challenge is can I get them to rebloom?