strawberry vanilla hydrangea end of summer color

Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangeas perfectly Paired

I have always been a fan of Hydrangeas.  And I have many types growing in my garden.  My favorite are my Strawberry Vanilla hydrangeas, they were a gift from my dad.  He has since passed but they hydrangeas remain a constant reminder of our shared love of gardening and flowers.

Every year they put on the most amazing show.  Lime green in the spring, creamy white in the peak days of summer and then they really turn it on come late August, September.  They start to turn a beautiful creamy, mauvy pink and I just love them.  

vintage pitcher with crazing
vintage ironstone crazing
end of summer strawberries cream hydrangea

When I found this beautiful ELPCO pitcher I knew just what to put in it.  Actually it didn’t need to put anything in it, because it was so lovely on it’s own.   You have to admit that these two are perfectly paired.