to Vintage Bu-Te!  I’m Sandra and I love all things vintage/antique and floral! My booths are places where you can find an eclectic mix of vintage/antique items, great for decorating your home or office. Along with floral touches because they’re just so pretty! 

Come explore my curated selection of items at the Cambridge Antique Market in Cambridge, MA and Vintage on 2, located inside the old mills in Peabody, MA.  Items can also be purchased from me online through Etsy.   

Enjoy a peek into my creative process, read about my latest projects, and see how they came to life on my blog. It’s a great resource for current projects, ideas, and DIYs. You’ll find great inspiration and some education on vintage/antique items.

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schalk's beer bottle label

Found Items – Schalk’s Lager Beer Bottle

This Lager beer was bottled for the S. S. Pierce Company a Boston-based luxury grocer / importer that spanned 4 generations (1831-1972). A very progressive company delivering quality and luxury items like wine, cigars, chocolates, teas, coffee, as well as general groceries as far as the north shore of Massachusetts. The label on this bottle reads corner of Tremont and Court (its first downtown location) and corner of Huntington Ave and Dartmouth Street (Copley Square) funny no street numbers. Because of the two locations, I would date this bottle to the late 1800s. At one point they had a total of 4 locations. A great piece of Boston memorabilia.

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